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The Team

Kierra Maxwell
Head Photographer


Kierra Maxwell is a photographer based in Southern New Jersey. Kierra absolutely loves photography! Photography started as a hobby in 2012. Ever since Kierra was a child she found herself looking at nature, people, structures, and anything else her eyes landed on and thinking, "This would be a beautiful photograph." Kierra bought a camera and it has been the most fulfilling journey ever since!


Photographs should tell a story. Kierra's  goal and passion is to capture the beauty in moments that will survive the test of time. When the moment has passed, Kierra wants to be the photographer that helps you relive that special moment through a photograph.  Kierra is experienced in an array of photography types including portraits, events, weddings, and product photo-shoots.


Please, explore the website by checking out the work in her portfolio. On the website you can also reach the Kierra Maxwell Photography team through the contact page and subscribe to the  mailing list for the latest updates and pricing specials! Thank you for your interest in Kierra Maxwell Photography!

Elliot Colon
Lead Assistant Photographer

Elliot Colon is a photographer based in Southern New Jersey, first introducing himself to the photography community back in 2014. Elliot was a student finishing up his sophomore year of college. During a very financially tough time, he bought his first camera with his refund check from school.  Fast forward 8 years later and Elliot has continued to flourish. Going from doing small shoots in his friends’ houses to being booked for photoshoots and events such as weddings, non-profits, birthday parties. Elliot has continued to capture people's most important moments every step of the way. Specializing in candid moments, Elliot's belief is that while a picture can speak a thousand words, it repeats the same feeling to one-person time and time again. Elliot’s mission is not only to capture the moment but to transform people’s memories into a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.

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